CutterVision Features

CutterVision is a computer based add-on to your lathe setup which shows the turner where he is cutting relative to the final shape desired.

CutterVision leaves the turner in complete control of the creative process.

CutterVision decreases the stress of not knowing if your wall thickness is near your preferred final dimension or if you are about to cut through the side of your vessel.

For Hollowing:

  • Shows an actual captured image of the cutter even when the cutter is inside a vessel.
  • Shows a line around the cutter at a user specified distance from the cutter to measure wall thickness.
  • Capturing the cutter image and generating the wall thickness line takes less than 2 seconds.
  • Change the color of the wall thickness line to contrast with the wood color.
  • Zoom in on the cutter to easily see and control thin wall thicknesses.
  • Works with any shaped cutter you may have.

For Duplicating:

  • Capture an image of an original turning you wish to duplicate. Superimpose that image over the wood blank actively being turned.
  • Erase unwanted portions of the captured image so it will not interfere with your turning.
  • Change color of the captured image to contrast with the underlying wood blank.
  • Automatically draws edge lines around the shape of the original turning to use as a guide while duplicating.
  • Change the color of the edge lines to contrast with the wood color.
  • Annotate or erase edge lines to clean up the overlayed lines.
  • Change color and opacity of the edge lines to more easily see the lines and not hide your final turned shape.
  • Zoom and pan around the turning to see more detail enlarged on the screen.

Other uses

Jam chucking: see the end of your jam chuck or vacuume chuck while turning the bottom of your bowl and know how thick the bottom of your bowl is.

Drilling a blank before turning a vessel: see how deep your drill bit is so you know when to stop.

Bowl turning: measure the wall thickness.  Use CutterVision like a digital caliper with an accuracy up to 1/100th of an inch.

And there's more

A solid camera mount means stability of the image while turning.

All functions are user controlled via the included wireless mouse and the push-button remote.

The camera mount is designed to attache to the JTTurningTools Gizmo but can be adapted for use on most hollowing rigs.

Because the controller for CutterVision is an Android device, you can run thousands of downloadable apps that are available.

CutterVision has Wi-Fi capability. If you have Wi-Fi in your shop, you can check your email, watch online videos, browse the web, the possibilities are endless.